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Photographic Material


Hilary Geddes: Upstream Down River [Excerpt 02:26]

Composer: Hilary Geddes

Hilary Geddes: Upstream Down River

Hilary Geddes, Guitar.

Composed by Hilary Geddes
by SIMA.
Premiered at Venue 505, March 11, 2021 by SIMA

Recorded by Sydney Fridge Festival, 2022

Video Recordings

Trichromy: Colour Therapy

Paul Cutlan, bass clarinet; Jacques Emery, double bass; Holly Conner, drums.

Composed by Paul Cutlan
Commissioned by SIMA
Premiered and recorded at the Sydney Opera House as part of Jazz:Now Winter 2022, 22 July 2022, presented by SIMA.

Recorded by Rowan Devereux, The Story Mill

Excerpt: 2:23 

Jo Lawry, Dan Tepfer: Interview and Performance

Jo Lawry, Voice; Dan Tepfer, Piano

Composed by Jo Lawry, Dan Tepfer
Presented at The Seymour Centre,  as part of the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival 2022, on October 27th 2022.

Recorded by Reuben White, SIMA

Excerpt: 0:30

Matt Ottignon: Mister Ott Tour Video

Matt Ottignon, Tenor, Baritone Sax; Ellen Kirkwood, Trumpet; Ben Panucci, Guitar; Dave Symes, Bass; Carlos Adura, Drums; Daniel Pliner, Keys

Regional Touring
SIMA presented 11 Mister Ott concerts across regional NSW, March 26 – April 29, 2022

Recorded by D.H. Norley, Shadow Cut Films at Lazybones Music Lounge on April 29th, 2022

Excerpt: 0:55


SIMA took into consideration, my whole story and helped me feel culturally safe … I look forward to seeing more concerts presented by SIMA featuring AB&TSI musicians.

– Marlene Cummins, Guguyalanji/Woppaburra musician


SIMA supports creative musicians in every stage of their careers… [The] organization that has done more for the creative improvised music scene than any other I have seen in my 40 plus year career.

– Jonathan Zwartz, musician, Board Member APRA/AMCOS


With SIMA I have done lots of performances at the Sydney Int’l Women’s Festival, in Winter and Summer Jazz:NOW series. I was a Sonic Futures artist and did the Young Women’s Jazz Workshops which helped me get the confidence to get a band together, rehearse, develop and present music. Three gigs at Orange Winter Jazz Festival connected me to new audiences…SIMA helped me become a musician for life

– Chloe Kim, Yeajee Kim, 김예지, MMus Performance Research