Sunday February 28
Matt Keegan,
Vienna Dreaming: Premiere
Mary’s Underground

“A tribute to an imagination that dares to hear the improbable”

An elegant suite of electro-acoustic salon music, Vienna Dreaming is based on the life of Keegan’s Great Grandfather Heini Portnoj who arrived in Australia in 1940. A Viennese pianist and Austrian refugee, Portnoj’s discovery of a new country and wistful longing for his homeland is strikingly recounted through a contemporary lens.

Matt Keegan (composer, tenor saxophone, clarinet), Veronique Serret (violin), Ben Hauptmann (guitar), Frejya Garbett (musical director, synthesizer), Brendan Clark Jnr (electric bass), Miles Thomas (drums).


A dialogue across cultures, this collaboration between song man Gumaroy Newman, descending from the Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka nations of Northern NSW, and British/Australian artist Keyna Wilkins draws on Australia’s landscapes and fauna to create improvised sonic soundscapes.

Gumaroy Newman (didgeridoo, vocals), Keyna Wilkins (flute, vocals)

      2021 Jazz Now Summer Season