Wednesday February 24

Melting Mamas + Aloha No & The Ukuladies

“The playing is dynamic and interactive!”– LOUDMOUTH

Gaia, the spirit of the planet, has assembled an enigmatic hybrid team of musicians to come together and unite their one drop.

The sway of Aloha No’s ukulele and pedal steel captures the soul of Hawaii before the Melting Mamas deliver a medicinal set of reggae, afrobeat and funk to burn a fire in your belly.

Aloha No & The Ukuladies: Oliver Thorpe (steel pedal), Miles Thomas (guitar), Leah Crosby (ukulele), Denneya Muscat (ukulele), Brendan Clark (bass), Dan Kennedy (drum)

Melting Mamas: Freyja Garbett (keys), Carl Dewhurst (guitar), Amy Nelson (flute, vocals), Nish Manjunath (saxophone), Lucy Clifford (bass), Declan Kelly (drums)

Freyja Garbett - The Quiet Perceiver