A sensory musical experience of spontaneous inventions and incredible all-original creations

Some Of Two Parts perform all original and improvised compositions by pianist Mark Isaacs and soprano saxophonist, Loretta Palmeiro. Built on a jazz-meets-contemporary-classical bedrock and with folkloric elements, Some of Two Parts mimic, create and evolve in real-time composition. Musical qualities such as flamenco and fado are also visited. What results can be brash, delicate, passionate or furious.

They have made several radio appearances and received acclamation at their major debut performance at the 2017 Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival. With five years in the making this exciting duo will take listeners on a thrilling journey as they paint the canvas of time with their musical creations.

Mark Isaacs Piano
Loretta Palmeiro Soprano Saxophone

Date: Wednesday 26 February

Venue: The Space, AIM
Time: 7pm

Duration: 60 minutes

“indeed warm, excessive, honest, brilliant, educated, virtuosic, creative, innovative etc. In terms of sound it’s hard to think of contemporary musicians extracting more beautiful tones from their chosen instruments” Guy Strazz