SIMA Presents Ruby’s Autumn Socials at Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

supported by the City of Sydney


Friday April 9 – 6pm
The JukeJoint Three
Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

Australia’s finest blues musicians bring boog-a-loo Friday night vibes to our beautiful park-side bar. Featuring ‘Continental’ Robert Susz ‘Hit Single’ Adam Pringle (guitar) ‘Skinny Jr’ Antero Ceschin (drums)!

Nothing but the blues – uhhh!


Friday April 23 – 6pm
Aaron Blakey Quartet
Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

Aaron Blakey is someone you warm to instantly.  He communicates with ease and has a relaxed manner about him. Blakey has performed internationally and grown as an artist from listening to the culturally unique voices of jazz musicians in Japan, New Zealand, America and Australia.

The Quartet will be performing a mixture of original music written by Aaron, from stories and experiences drawn from living in Tokyo, Auckland, NYC and of course Sydney and some favorite jazz standards from the American Song Book.

Line up: Aaron Blakey (P) Alex Hirlian (D) Noel Mason (B) Andrew Crago (S)


Friday May 7 – 6pm
Kate Wadey Trio
Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

Vocalist Kate Wadey’s is quickly gaining recognition for her sweet, sure and rich voice that exudes effortless charm and sophistication. Warmly embraced by a band of excellent and celebrated accompanying musicians, Wadey sings standards selected for their particularly fine character. Without fuss or bravado but with pure assurance, she navigates the emotions and melody with equal skill; a brilliant young artist displaying a level of craft beyond her years, and producing fine, characterful and swinging jazz fare for the ears.


Friday May 21 – 6pm
Queen Porter Stomp
Joynton Avenue Creative Centre

Queen Porter Stomp uses their dirty swamp magic to shake up the blues and energize your body into dancing. Their harmonies seduce like a warm summer’s day, with blazing horns that scream straight to your soul and a banjo that exorcises demons on the wrong side of midnight – this band gets everyone in the room dancing. Shine those shoes, and undo that top button – This is Queen Porter Stomp!