Kicking off a new short series of meditation in jazz, we’ll be streaming a very intimate performance to sooth you into your Friday night at 8pm.

At a time when we could all use a bit of extra love and connection – what can we learn from Jazz? Curious by nature, jazz responds to change as it seeks to understand. It draws on intuition, imagination and innovation to bond artists and listeners in a shared journey, unique to that moment.

Meditation in Jazz is made in partnership with 107 projects, Free Energy Device Studios and Big Spin Productions.

Alister Spence Whats on

Mark Isaacs and Loretta Palmeiro

Demonstrating how jazz and improvised music elegantly responds to change, the duo will draw on intuition, imagination and innovation as they take listeners on a remarkable and evolving voyage.

The results can be brash, delicate, passionate or furious and are  proof that unpredictability can be a beautiful journey even if the destination is unknown.

This consummate duo was a highlight of SIMA’s Jazz Now Summer program combining jazz, classical and folkloric music in a dazzling display of musicianship.

Alister Spence

Pianist, improvisor and composer, Alister Spence has established a reputation as a pre-eminent creative force in jazz and improvised music in Australia. Performing across Australia and the globe over his 25 year career, Alister’s next stop is your living room with this intimate and emotional performance. Alister will be playing improvisations from his brand new double CD, “Whirlpool.

Steve Hunter

Steve Hunter, Jazz bass player with over 100 recordings on various album’s. Born in the same year as the creation of the Fender Jazz Bass, Steve Hunter was destined to be the virtuoso of Australian Jazz we know him as today. His pieces serve as departure points, creating mostly modal moods with lots of space for development of improvisations.

Simon Barker

As both an educator, performer and composer Simon has constantly pushed his own musical boundaries with his exploration of the rhythms of Korean music and its deep cultural significance along with other global drumming and percussion. John Shand has described Simon in the SMH as having “few peers worldwide for flexibility, resourcefulness, imagination, and a complete absence of rhythmic cliches.”

For this improvisation, Simon will present a ground breaking collection of themes that he has previously not attempted on drums – something he’s been thinking about whilst out running and exercising.

Andrea Keller

Andrea will be playing the music from a music and visual collaboration with filmmaker Hayley Miro, entitled “Journey Home”.

‘Inspired by the words of Allan Browne, who reported that ‘every great story is usually about the ‘journey home’, Journey Home is a collaboration between pianist/composer Andrea Keller and filmmaker Hayley Miro. They create an experience that combines music and film in mutual accompaniment, not in competition, but rather in full compliment of one another, bringing together images of Australia and the Czech Republic in the 1970’s & 80’s (captured through the lens of Keller’s late father Erik Keller) with today.

With a theme centred on universal sentiments of childhood, family and home, Journey Home seems particularly pertinent, given the extraordinary displacement of so many people around the world.