Inspired by Pansori singer II Dong Bae’s performance with Simon Barker in 2013, bassist/cellist and vocalist Mary Rapp spent countless hours with Barker and II Dong Bae, clapping rhythms in Australia and in Dong Bae’s native Korea, exploring the possibilities of this joyful music, both ancient and new.

Their wisdom and generosity have guided Mary in developing her own improvisational language which features in her debut album By ONe of thE night, featuring Carl Dewhurst and Simon Barker. The launch promises a display of no holds barred improvisation as the trio creates dream-like soundscapes as a platform for Rapp’s visceral and emotive vocals.
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SUPPORT: James and Gary Daley

James and Gary Daley are renowned musicians who also happen to be father and son. Gary has been a staple of the Sydney music scene for decades; touring, recording and performing with a plethora of artists. James is well known to Sydney audiences, appearing with Diamond Duck and critically acclaimed bluegrass band The Morrisons. The duo performs an unusual hybrid of classical, folk and improvisation; exploring the music of Bartok, Beethoven, Bach and Italian folk song.