Sandy Evans_Cropped

23 November 2020

Unfortunately due to impacts from Covid-19 this workshop has been postponed to 2021. If you want to know more about the upcoming workshops then contact us here.


Jazz happens once. It is improvised in the moment it is made.

Slip into the zone, where nothing exists other than the music being made, right there, for the first and only time.

Cool for School is an interactive performance-workshop program that give students an unforgettable taste of the magic of improvised music.

In a high-energy, entertaining atmosphere, students gain valuable insight into composition and improvisation, ensemble work, aural skills, stagecraft, music as a vocation and the Australian music industry.

Complementing the NSW secondary school music syllabus, through this program students are introduced to the pivotal styles of jazz. They will experience gifted players at work, and see first-hand that the process and creation are one.