What ‘A Meditation In Jazz’ means in the world now.

At a time when we could all use a bit of extra love and connection – what can we learn from Jazz?

Curious by nature, jazz responds to change as it seeks to understand. It draws on intuition, imagination and innovation to bond artists and listeners in a shared journey, unique to that moment.

Spiritual without religion, music gives expression to emotion by capturing  feelings that are difficult to put into words. Through music we can sense the momentary presence of something that transcends everyday life.

With the introduction of our new digital program, we ask you to relax back at home and enjoy a unique solo performances streaming direct into your lounge room or wherever you may be – and stand by for many more great performances in the weeks to come.

Featured Artists

Friday, March 27: Loretta Palmerio and Mark Isaacs (stream it free now)

Friday, April 3: Alister Spence (stream it free now)

Friday, April 10: Steve Hunter (stream it free now)

Friday April 17: Simon Barker

Friday April 24: A final meditation by Andrea Keller


Special Thanks To

This series wouldn’t be possible without the support of Free Energy Device Studios and Richard Belkner for the aesthetically alluring backdrop of the recording studio and beautiful audio engineering which has helped create the most authentic audio experience for audiences. Along with visual and technical assistance of Big Spin Productions, SIMA is able to keep producing the high caliber of performances that have become indicative of a SIMA gig.

Presented in partnership with 107, we are overwhelmed by the success of this series and audiences enthusiasm for quality music regardless of whether it’s in a bar lounge or lounge room.