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Sign up to re-watch the Jazz:NOW series through 606 Club online. SIMA’s new partnership will see international audiences hear about Sydney’s finest musicians – with bonus vintage footage from the Australian jazz documentary The Pulse.

From broken beat samples and improvisation to breathtakingly honest vocals, the excitement, diversity, and immediacy of Australian jazz is captured in multi-camera video with audio recorded and mixed by Richard Belkner.

Performances are followed by archival footage filmed over 00/01 for The Pulse. Hear from iconic Australian artists including The Necks, Bernie McGann, Sandy Evans, James Greening, Joe Chindamo, Darren Percival, Lily Dior, Theak-Tet, Band of Five Names and Barney McAll.


JUNE 6th - 8PM

Opening the season, one of Sydney’s most celebrated jazz and soul singers, Virna Sanzone joins forces with National Jazz Award winning bassist and founding member of rockers Thirsty Merc, Phil Stack. A striking, energetic and passionate performance featuring re-imagined jazz gems and soul shiners.

Virna Sanzone (vocals) Phil Stack (double bass)

+  Bonus Footage: Mike Nock Big Small Band & Bernie McGann Quartet with Sandy Evans and James Greening

JUNE 20th - 8PM

Composer, Freedman Fellow and Artistic Director of The Three Seas, Matt Keegan uses the Octatrack (a dynamic performance sampler) to inspire melodic and rhythmic improvised dialogue between saxophone and drums. Against this sonic backdrop, Matt explores his full palette of otherworldly effects, crafted over the past 20 years of creative exploration.

Matt Keegan (saxophone, effects), Miles Thomas (drums)

+ Bonus Footage: Theak-Tet & Band of Five Names

JULY 4th - 8PM

A unique emerging Australian jazz voice, Delay 45 move seamlessly between structure and spontaneity to create an immersive listening experience.
Composed music, songs and loops form the foundation for masterful improvisations brimming with colour and texture.

Tom Avgenicos (trumpet), Roshan Kumarage (piano), Dave Quinn (bass) Ashley Stoneham (drums)

+ Bonus Footage: Barney McAll Unit & The Necks

AUGUST 15th - 8PM

Unsettling times and subconscious rumblings can cloud perception, but are we all sharing the same unease?
Underwards explore the depths of these murmurings through sketches, improvisations and vignettes bursting with wit and character.

Ellen Kirkwood (trumpet, vocals), Hilary Geddes (guitar, effects)

+ Bonus Footage: F.A.T.S, Elliot Dalgleish Trio, Dalgleish/Tinkler Quartet, Aron Ottignon Quartet



At time where the live music industry has suffered greatly, SIMA has continued to provide critical support to the sector through performance and employment opportunities for artists, composer commissions, new project development and mentorships.

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