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 Saturday August 3
The Sound Lounge 
Novak Manojlovic - Grown Ocean


Novak Manojlovic - Grown Ocean
supported by: Jachlo

Novak Manojlovic - Grown Ocean

9pm - 10.15pm

Led by emerging pianist/composer Novak Manojlovic, Grown Ocean is a large ensemble project comprising an exciting and long list of next-generation players that play through composed song forms. Together the group conjure Manojlovic’s evocative sonic storytelling, which spans a vast array of genres and evokes recollections of time and space through swirling mosaics of sound, quiet meditations and cathartic peaks.  Following on from their debut release, We Are Very Far, Grown Ocean will release their second album 'Memory Gardens' later in the year.


Novak Manojlovic (piano), Thomas Avgenicos (trumpet), David Reglar (tenor saxophone) Raphael Rosse (trombone), Dave Rodriguez (guitar), Andrew Bruce (keys), Brendan Clark (electric bass), Tully Ryan (drums)

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8pm - 8.30pm

“...(Jachlo)'s music ranged from the freest improvising to more ritualised

music; from Emery treating his bass as a percussion instrument (at one point sounding like the metallophones of a gamelan ensemble), to extracting the most diaphanous harmonics, while Kim is the first percussionist I've heard forge an approach drawing on the innovations of Australia's master-drummer, Simon Barker." John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Jacques and Chloe met as students at the Sydney Conservatorium, where they are current students, and discovered a common interest in drumming music and jazz-influenced improvisation. Drawing on music from different cultures such as Korean traditional rhythms and the innovations of master-drummers Simon Barker and Greg Sheehan, the duo focuses on developing knowledge in diverse rhythmic dialogues and using those shared language in any improvising/musical settings.


Jacques Emery (bass) Chloe Kim (percussion)

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