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sydney international women's jazz festival

DATES : 2 - 13 November 2016


The Sydney International Women's Jazz Festival (SIWJF) was established in 2012 with support from the City of Sydney. Its goal is to create an annual world class international jazz festival with an emphasis on Women in Jazz, that will enthuse audiences and highlight Sydney as a major international city of music and culture.

This year’s festival presents a remarkably diverse roster of established stars on the international jazz scene alongside a lineup of exceptionally talented local artists in a dynamic program of ticketed and free events.

SIWJF is undertaken with our founding partner the Sydney International Jazz Festival and supported by the City of Sydney and the Anthony and Sharon Lee Foundation.


Wed 2 8.30pm Melissa Aldana Trio (CHILE/US)  
Thu 3 8.30pm Ingrid and Christine Jensen (CAN/US) with the Mike Nock Trio  
Fri 4 8.30pm Sydney Women’s Jazz Collective  
Sat 5 3pm Queen Porter Stomp
Sat 5 8.30pm Tricia Evy Trio (FR)  
Sun 6 8.30pm Shannon Barnett Quartet (GER/AUS)  
Mon 7 8.30pm Sydney Women’s Jazz Collective  
Tue 8 8.30pm That Red Head  
Wed 9 8.30pm Microfiche  
Thu 10 7.30pm Festival Band Night: Crossover, Sorcha Albuquerque Trio and Pheno BUY TICKETS
Fri 11 8.30pm Tara Tiba Sextet (IRAN/AUS) BUY TICKETS
Sat 12 3pm Queen Porter Stomp FREE EVENT
Sat 12 10.15am - 3.30pm Jazz at the Powerhouse: Girls in the Band, Talk, Instrument Tour, Concert FREE EVENT upon entry to Museum
Sat 12 5pm Hieronymus Trio featuring Gian Slater BUY TICKETS
Sat 12 9pm Gian Slater, Barney McAll & Simon Barker BUY TICKETS
Sun 13 12pm - 4pm Festival Fair Day FREE EVENT

Umbrella Event:

Thu 10 8.30pm  Tara Tiba Quintet - presented by Foundry616 BUY TICKETS

Event Sponsors 2016:

Anthony and Sharon Lee Foundation



2015 Program

Jane Bunnett & Maqueque (CAN - Cuba)
Fiona Joy & the Blue Dream Ensemble
Kristin Berardi Trio
Jenna Cave & the Divergence Jazz Orchestra
Ellen Kirkwood's Mieville Project
Alex Hahn and The Blue Riders
Mimi Jones & Camille Thurman
Michelle Nicolle Quartet
Corner Jazz (BB+CAM of the Prophets)
Future Voices (Laura Altman & Peter Farrar, Francesca Prihasti trio, Mary Rapp quartet)
The Bop Darlings featuring Virna Sanzone
Sandy Evans Trio with Bobby Singh

2014 Program

Dee Alexander (USA)
Hannah James Trio Triliphony launch
Sarah McKenzie Quartet We Could Be Lovers launch (USA)
Lisa Parrott in Concert and Conversation (USA)
Ellen Kirkwood's Fat Yahoozah feat. Lisa Parrott
Gai Bryant's Palacio De La Rumba Big Band feat. Roman Justo Pelladito (CUBA)
Andrea Keller and Miroslav Bukovsky Octet- Komeda Project (MELB)
2013 Program

Eri Yamamoto Trio (USA/JAPAN)
Claire Daly (USA)
Froy Aagre Electric (NORWAY) 
U.nlock- Shannon Barnett and Gian Slater (USA/MELB)
Tina Harrod Band
Judy Bailey in concert and conversation
Nat Bartsch Trio (Melb)
Virna Sanzone and Paul Grabowsky's Italian Project
Bloodlines (feat. Jade MacRae and Joy Yates)
Jo Fabro Quintet
The Sirens Big Band feat. Claire Daly
2012 Program 

Cyrille Aimee Quartet (FRANCE/USA)
No Tango (GERMANY)
Myra Melford - Trio M (USA)
Sandy Evans Sextet
Andrea Keller Quartet with Gian Slater
Zoe and the Buttercups
Jess Green and the Pre-loved
Hannah James Trio
Marialy Pacheco Trio