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We are proud that SIMA has supported jazz and improvised music for over thirty years and continues to do so through:

-    Local, national and international performances of the best in contemporary jazz
-    Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival and Berry Jazz
-    Winter Jazz
-    Leading education programs
-    "Cool for Schools" to engage secondary students in the creativity of  jazz at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta in 2017
-    Young Women’s Jazz Workshops,  tutoring and inspiring young women with ambitions in jazz in NSW, ACT & WA
-    Developing creative projects in partnership with jazz artists  and facilitating new commissions

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Please call Vanessa on 02 9036 6292 or email development@sima.org.au for further information.

Membership fees

Memberships are for 12 months per calendar year. Fees include GST.

Full membership
12 Month Membership (valid to 31/12/2017) - $50
Multi-Year Membership (Jan 2017 – Dec 2019) - $135

Concession Membership
Concession 12 Month Membership memberships (valid to 31/12/2017) - $40
Concession Multi-Year Membership - $110* (Jan 2017 – Dec 2019)

*Please send photocopy of concession documents. Concession applies to Australian Social Security and Veterans Affairs Pensioners, Unemployed and Australian full-time students.

Member Benefits: 

•    Up to 25% discount on SIMA gigs
•    Special Two for One Offers to special SIMA gigs
•    Exclusive free tickets to selected SIMA events
•    SIMA program mailed to your door
•    Exclusive member only Give-aways to non SIMA gigs, events and merchandise
•    Discount at Birdland Records
•    Free Pre-concert talks

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Who is the membership for?

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It’s tax deductible and supports Australian music.

SIMA is one of the few organisations in Australia dedicated to supporting jazz and improvised music from not only presenting performances, in our regular program and through Festivals such as the Sydney International Women’s Festival, but also through running some of Australia’s leading jazz education programs which provide support for secondary school students, young women and mid-career artists.  Our success with our Young Women's Jazz workshops has led to a significantly increased number of enrolments for young women into tertiary institutions. 

Our members and donors are essential to our organisation and its programs. Please consider leaving a SIMA a tax-deductible donation.

To Donate, please visit our donors page

For more information on any of these programs please call Vanessa on 02 9036 6292.

Pay by cheque

Please send your form, along with a cheque for membership fees, to:

Memberships @ SIMA
PO Box 55, BROADWAY NSW 2007

Membership information
phone 02 9036 6292

Any member of SIMA who is financial at the time of the AGM can stand for election to the committee.