jazz and improvised music

May 13 Berry Jazz 2017 - Queen Porter Stomp

DATE Saturday 13 May 2017
TIME 12.00pm-1.30pm
VENUE Rotunda - Apex Park
“…awesome, upbeat lifting music, it’s so good, it’s just got such sass about it'' Chelsea Deeley, The New Thing, Eastside Radio 89.7 FM

Queen Porter Stomp uses their dirty swamp magic to shirk those blues. This is jazz where swing is the key you play. They pack a punch with blazing horns that scream straight to your soul, a banjo that exorcises demons on the wrong side of midnight and a ukulele songstress that seduces like a warm summer’s day. Shine those shoes and undo that top button – if you’re just tapping those toes, then you’re in the wrong bar. Bring a picnic and enjoy the music.

Crystal Barreca  (vocals ukulele)  Rose Foster  (trombone, vocals)  Louise Horwood (trumpet, vocals)  Alex Masso (drums)  Julian Curwin (banjo) Jess Dunn (double Bass)