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Winter Jazz: some of two parts / matt keegan's k2 / jessica dunn
DATE Saturday 7 July 2018
VENUE The Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre
TICKETS $25/ $20/ $20/ $15
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“Immediately engaging on so many levels” - Guy Strazz
Five years in the making, Some of Two Parts made their major public debut to great acclaim at the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival in 2017, enthralling the crowd with their all-original real-time compositions.

Accomplished pianist and composer Mark Isaacs brings his exploration of the dark and soulful musical spirit, duende, into conversation with likeminded soul, versatile saxophonist and Australia Arts Council recipient Loretta Palmeiro.

Together they carry Iberian folkloric elements such as flamenco and fado over a jazz-meets-contemporary-classical bedrock.

LORETTA PALMEIRO soprano saxophone MARK ISAACS piano

MATT KEEGAN'S K2 (8.45pm)
“A prominent bandleader, a brilliant composer, and a magnificent musician” - John McBeath

Freedman Fellow and artistic director of The Three Seas, Matt Keegan released new major work, Vienna Dreaming earlier this year.

Dedicated to his great grandfather, Austrian-born pianist Heini Portnoj, Vienna Dreaming is a suite of programmatic music composed and arranged for electro-acoustic ensemble.

Matt will perform excerpts from this with soundscapes, textures and grooves played live on the Octatrack (a dynamic performance sampler) designed to inspire melodic and rhythmic improvised dialogue between saxophone and drums.

Against this sonic backdrop, Matt will explore his full palette of otherworldly saxophone effects, crafted over the past 20 years of creative exploration.

MATT KEEGAN saxophones, effects, Octatrack FINN RYAN drums and percussion

Award-winning bassist and composer, Jessica Dunn is best known as leader of 18-piece Sirens Big Band.

Recipient of the 2009 Jann Rutherford Memorial Award, Jessica has performed alongside artists as diverse as Satoko Fujii (JAP), Sandy Evans, Clare Daly (USA), Shubha Mudgal (IND), Ursula Yovich, Walter Martin (USA) and Ensemble Offspring.

Recently she has been developing original repertoire for solo double bass, expanding her own language and approach to the instrument through extended techniques and the use of electronics.

JESSICA DUNN double bass, electronics

Photographer: Brett Boardman