jazz and improvised music

jazz is dead: oliver thorpe, scoredatura, aka baz
DATE Thursday 23 February 2017
TIME 7pm-11pm
VENUE Venue 505
BOOK ONLINE or call 9036 6292

Jazz Is Dead......Long live Jazz!

 A new  initiative  of Artistic Director Zoe Hauptmann, SIMA's "Jazz is Dead" band nights will present projects that dwell on the fringes of the Jazz scene, living in the limbo between musical territories.  Expressing current trends, different forms and musics from other worlds "Jazz is Dead "will be a night of fresh and diverse sound to rattle your bones. 

Oliver Thorpe

Jazz is Dead will showcase the first artistic offering from Sydney guitarist/vocalist Oliver Thorpe. A collective formed through the mutual appreciation of rock and of roll, the group features local heavy weights Miles "Cannonball" Thomas on drums and cymbals and Brendan Clark on bass and effects. This will be the debut performance for this new group after many hours of honing their skills both in the shed and out.

OLIVER THORPE guitar, vocals MILES THOMAS drums, cymbals BRENDAN CLARK bass, effects


Since the release of their debut album “Tense,” Scoredatura has been turning heads, and hurting necks with their unique version of Heavy Metal Jazz. It’s…Guitar shredding, pedal treading, volume knob turning, guitar pick burning, riffs a-blazing, head shaking, cymbal bashing, string thrashing, attempted djenting, David Brenting, gain waving, head banging, Pj’s hair ranging, drop D tuning, Olie Thorpe mooning, ear-plug needing, Cam Undy pleading, harmonics screamin’, tell ‘im he’s dreamin’, finger tapping, string snapping, eyes spinning, Carl Wang winning, jazz fans offending, SIMA will be firing… you get the idea.




AKA BAZ was formed by National Jazz Award winner, Aaron (BAZ) Flower in 2005 and has had released two albums. The latest being Memento Mori which was released in Nov 2015 through Yum Yum Tree Records. On this record Aaron has collaborated with some of Australia’s top singer songwriters and musicians and created a truly unique piece of work.

AARON ‘BAZ’ FLOWER guitar BRIAN CAMPEAU vocals, guitar JAMES DALEY vocals, mandolin BEN HAUPTMANN guitar TOM BOTTING bass EVAN MANNELL drums