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Summer Jazz: cope street parade with special support by sikkim rex
DATE Saturday 17 December 2016
TIME 8pm- Special Support Artist
9pm - Headline Performance
VENUE Sound Lounge
TICKETS $30/$27/$25/$15
(Non-Member, Multi-Tix, Memb/Conc, Student)
BOOK ONLINE or call 9036 6292


“This is Ecstasy”, John Clare, Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney-based jazz band The Cope Street Parade return to the Sound Lounge to launch their latest album Townie Ramble On. This is original Australian swing music. The Parade blends the hot sounds of gypsy swing with elements of New Orleans traditional jazz to create a style of music that sounds both new and old, yet always uniquely Australian. Imagine if Django Reinhardt met Louis Armstrong in a good old country pub.
Townie Ramble On is the sixth release by the band and will be available through Yum Yum Tree Records. This album sees the group draw on more sophisticated sonic textures found in folk, pop and traditional gypsy music.

JUSTIN FERMINO tenor and alto saxophone, voice AARON FLOWER manouche, guitar, vocals
BEN PANUCCI manouche, guitar, vocals SAM DOBSON bass, vocals


Sikkim Rex plays the isometric music of the street. Rhythms from Congo, Mississippi, Punjab and Seattle, mixed with rhymes, chants, slogans and songs create a transcendental body moving experience. This is raucous soul food at its gritty best, like a long lost Alan Lomax recording through a modern lens.

EVAN MANNELL drums, samples, percussion, vocals

flute, euphonium, cowbell, vocals
vocals, trombone, maracas
AARON FLOWER guitar, cowbell, vocals